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Customer Reviews for Extreme Off-Road & Repair Serving Clovis & Fresno, CA

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Here’s what some of our Clovis, CA customers are saying about us:

Wow! Such a great shop, had a problem with a SYE install, took it by and they fixed it in the same visit. Will definitely go back for all my Jeep needs!

David L. Extreme Off-Road & Repair Customer Review

This place is awesome! Excellent work and great service, I will be coming back to Dave and his crew again. Best spot for anything Jeep hands down A++

Miles M. Extreme Off-Road & Repair Customer Review

Dave and the staff are always great,very knowledgeable. If you need parts or repairs they got you covered. Thank you Dave for all that yall do

Dustin Monroe Google Review

Nice people, good pricing. Haven't had any work done yet, but they look like they've got a lot of experience.

XRP Adoption!! Google Review

Everything was great. Dave is extremely helpful and willing to take the time to talk to you and answer all questions - I never felt rushed

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Ancalagon 1017 Google Review

5 Stars!

Jennifer Jester Google Review

This is where I take my jeep if I can't do a repair myself. Timely, efficient and humble place. David Adams cares for his customers and that's why I go! He helped my wife find a part when I was at work. Tried to put new bushing in but after a week I gave up. Asked wife who helped her and it was him. Hooked him up with some bbq, for his help and had his shop do the repair. Which was done in a couple hours. Good quality work! If you're trying to find a shop I wouldn't pass this one up!

Jack Busic Google Review

5 Stars!

David Giorlando Google Review

They know their stuff and explain things well. Cool place!

Jeff Petersen Google Review

5 Stars!

Eric Thweatt Google Review

I really liked this shop. been to most of the shops in fresno and clovis and they did a phenomenal job and quickly. I'm not going to mention any other shops but i went down the street and i couldn't even get anyone to leave their seat. they acted like I was bugging them with work and basically told me they didnt have time for me and didnt even give me a date they could do the work. I walked out and went to this shop. not only was i treated well, the owner was very attentive, took time with me and showed me options on other upgrades I was looking for. they treated me as if i came in to spend 10k on a new lift. definitely recommend them.

Ryan Bailey Google Review

There are very few mechanic shops that I would have work on my Jeep. Dave knows Jeeps and i really appreciate and trust his knowledge. Quality of work is excellent and good people to work with.

Raymond Enns Google Review

Excellent work!! Our grandson is overseas in the military and his truck is left with us.
He asked us to take his Ram truck to get it lifted, new tires, wheels and power steps installed. He had se everything up with Dave before he left, but I was still nervous having the responsibility of taking it there and everything going smoothly!! No worries!
I dropped it off and got a call saying it was finished! Picked it up and all is perfect. My grandson has only seen videos and pics, but is so excited to get back stateside in Oct. to see the awesome job Extreme Off-Road did!
Thanks for your excellent service and putting these grandparents minds at ease!!!

Trisha Hedstrom Google Review

5 Stars!

Shelby Adams Google Review

4 Stars!

Jason Keller Google Review

4 Stars!

norman bynum Google Review

They did a 2” leveling kit on my '19 Colorado. Dave responds to emails quickly and is very knowledgeable. Only suggestion to the shop would be communicating about any further expense from the original quote, before they do the work. Would recommend this shop to my friends for sure!

David Harless Google Review

Honest people with a high work ethic. Very very Knowledgeable about jeeps and everything offroad. I have taken 3 vechical there to be worked on. They have fixed all the problems the first time. Highly recommend

Rock 4play Google Review

5 Stars!

FeeshKeelah Outdoors Google Review

5 Stars!

Dj Welton Google Review

Great guys, tons of experience, good pricing.

Steven Foster Google Review

The staff know what they are doing!

Debora Delaney Google Review

5 Stars!

Patrick Padilla Google Review

I called to see if they had a part for my wife's jeep and they were very helpful over the phone. A few days later, when I went back to pick up the part, they remembered me and the conversation. That's pretty good customer service!

Patrick Wilson Google Review

Excellent shop! Very knowledgeable staff! I arrived so mad, frustrated, just done with my Jeep. I own a brand new 2017 JKU. Haven’t been able to and wouldn’t drive it for almost a year. It didn’t feel safe. I was told repeatedly that my Jeep was driving how a “lifted Jeep” should. I kept telling shops and individuals...ITS NOT DRIVING RIGHT...SOMETHING IS WRONG. FOR OVER A YEAR! (After having my Jeep lifted, I actually had a steering knuckle wallow out...completely! I was told my Jeep was fine by another shop and ended up driving like that all the way up to WA state and back, up Bald mountain, with my kids, etc...with a crippled Jeep!)

Almost two years later, very fed up, about to literally light my dream Jeep on fire and throw it off of a cliff, I was referred to Dave’s shop. I was warned that they weren’t the cheapest around, but they were the best.

Since I’ve been through a years worth of living hell with my Jeep, and had a ton of problems since I had my Jeep lifted (Purchased in Jan 2017, lifted in March 2017, problems started within a week), I showed up to his shop defeated. Just told them to rotate my spare to the front, balance the front out, and if they felt like it, to check the front, just a quick inspection at least would be appreciated. (It was Friday afternoon and Dave was awesome enough to get me in!)

So, they completed the work requested (minus the inspection), test drove the Jeep, Dave’s son test drove it, came back to the shop and told Dave that there’s something seriously wrong with this Jeep.

Finally!!! A COMPETENT SHOP! I’ve been told for almost as long as I’ve owned my Jeep (minus two months), how my Jeep drives is just how “Lifted” Jeeps drive. I kept saying BS. I’m so VERY thankful for Dave and his shop. His very words were “Your Jeep was extremely unsafe, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to drive your Jeep as a daily driver if you wanted to.” Sadly, for the VERY first time ever, I’ve been able to drive my Jeep and feel safe! My steering actually works...right! My weird noises are almost all gone!
BEST OF ALL!!! I’M NOT CRAZY! There really was a whole lot wrong with my Jeep, he even took videos so I would understand what he found! Absolutely amazing!
Dave and his crew has some more work to do to get the Jeep to his standard, All I can say, I like Dave’s standards and I’m sticking to him and his crew!

Fresno Flyers - KFCH Morgan Google Review

Excellent Service! A no BS shop, Dave and his team get it done.

Scott Gallegos Extreme Off-Road & Repair Customer Review

Thanks for hauling me out of a jam with my Jeep! Dave knows his stuff!! Got me a little upgrade too!!

jeff colvin Google Review

Great shop for off road repairs

nick heath Google Review

5 Stars!

Keith Jester Google Review

5 Stars!

vicky welch Google Review

Always feel like a priority! Thanks Dave and the whole crew!

Angela Ballew Google Review

5 Stars!

Justin Scruggs Google Review

Always had a good experience here

Warren Peverill Google Review

Fixed an on-going problem with my 4wd in less than a day very happy great customer service very knowledgeable mechanics

Jeremy Reneau Extreme Off-Road & Repair Customer Review

Very helpful

Ed Piepmeier Google Review

Awesome service!

Dane Pedersen Google Review

Great place for all your 4x4 parts and repairs.

michael Bench Google Review

Love this place good service

Off-road Adventures Google Review

5 Stars!

Gary Long Jr Google Review

4 Stars!

David Chadwick Google Review

Super helpful

Dean Hoover Google Review

Dave the owner of extreme off-road awesome guy had him put a long arm lift on a Jeep Grand Cherokee And I am very happy with it. Definitely recommend extreme off-road for any off-road needs.

Blake Chapman Google Review

There guys are awesome!! Great customer service, fast, fixed last minute issues with my JK. Back on the road now.

Co B Google Review

good service and family owned ps. Dave is the jeep guru

Michael Bertolani Google Review

After reading all reviews not much more can be said. EXCELLENT work, not cheap but FAIR and VERY GOOD. This type of work requires more time which is money and after market parts are very expensive!! Been their several times and will be BACK.

JEEP = Just-Empty-Every-Pocket. Thank you for the drive line, first ever review!

Jim Bandy Google Review

Good people honest and friendly would take anything to Dave

justin Jones Google Review

5 Stars!

Sean Quinn Google Review

Dave runs a great shop!! They know what there doing and build some phenomenal rigs (including mine)... Good work isn't cheap either!!

Doug Lee Facebook Review

The service and knowledge at extreme off road is outstanding, from the custom work they have done for me, to my do it myself projects, they are always there to help. See you guys next month for the full cage roll bar project. Thanks Dave

Dennis Pierce Facebook Review

Solid quotes they stick to, trust worthy, professional work done right, fast, and all around good guys! Lifted, aligned, installed 20x10 rims and 33s on my 02 f-250, truck drove perfect, I'll be back!

Aaron Cox Facebook Review

Knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

Shane S. YellowPages Review

Excellent service. Dave and the group run a top notch business that I'm glad to support with my business. He's taken care of both my Rubicon and dune buggy. They deliver what they promise and stand behind their quality wirk. What more can you ask fir in a local, independently owned business?

Bob P. Yelp Review

My husband broke the drag link on his Jeep on the trail above Shaver lake during our vacation and needed a part. I called these guys looking for someone to help and they were super friendly and accommodating. We were able to get the part and the Jeep back in working order within 24 hours! They went above and beyond to help and we will keep them in mind next time we need a part or service away from home.

Stephanie B. Yelp Review

Had a problem with upper ball joint that 3 businesses and dealer could not fix. Took it to Dave, he got on the phone found my part and installed it. Thanks for superior customer service. I'm a customer for life.

Jose R. Yelp Review

Great customer service! The owner, Dave has years of experience and takes the time to answer any question a customer may have. I take my vehicles there for all repairs and I'm never dissatisfied in the service.

Mike M. Yelp Review

Good Work, Good Knowledge, and Good service. I am very pleased with my repairs, thanks again.

John D. Yelp Review

Excellent work, very knowledgeable a+++ dave and his staff provided me with excellent service and information regarding my repair. very reasonble on price and appointments. two thumbs up.

Doug C. Yelp Review

I've been an off-road enthusiast for years. Having a reliable off-road vehicle is a must. Since I use one of my vehicles as a daily driver, it is even more essential to keep up on the maintenance.

After a long trip my Jeep developed an annoying noise and I was losing power. Figured it had to be a drive-train issue. Sure enough, after having my Jeep towed to Extreme Off-Road out of fear of further damage, it took them about 2 minutes to figure out the problem. Sure enough, a bad CV joint, but it didn't end there.

Their staff did a thorough once over and found a cracked radiator. The cracked was so miniscule only a trained individual would have found it. And if a radiator gets bad enough, well you know the outcome. A possible cracked engine block. I was thankful they went the extra mile to do a complete check. They potentially saved me thousands.

While waiting, I noticed the extent of work. From basic upgrades to frame work, and spring over axle jobs. Finding this gem of a place was a God send.

Tony W. Yelp Review

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